28 thoughts on “a beautiful classic boy

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    Awesome hot boy!

  2. If the boy is / has: Blond, Hairless, Flawless Skin, Flat Tummy and Stretched out in the Sun;
    You’ll get my full attention every time.
    I was walking down the beach, but I decided to stop and hang out here for a little while.

  3. Owww! Owww! Please Sascha, think in my Heart !, You are so evil with Me ! Please post some more pics from this boy, I am already in love with Him. Thank you very much for this post. LOVE !!! heart heart shock shock You diablo good

  4. can i describe the forst pic in one sentence? i will try to do so: SEXY AS HECK!!!!! Really sext point of view for his giant and cute bums. Really good looking boy. Thanks for sharing him sacha

  5. Oh My Lordvi so LOVE this boy is his sexy Speedos and Oh So Slim.Sexy Body.I thought that there were only 2 photos of this most HAWTY TWEEN.I extremely happy that a couple more exist.LOVE THE PELVIC BONES IN THE 3RD AND LAST PHOTOS.SUPER SKINNY BOYZ ARE MY MOST FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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