Friendship 3

My third post about young friendhips. What can be cutter than 2 boys with a really strong bond sharing their affection? (i can actually think of several toher boy-related stuff, but i can’t mention them in here hahaha laugh )   Well, as always, i hope you enjoy my posts and that the boys give you all some sweet fantasies.









I would love to see him shake his bums off



He totally loves to watch his friend’s abbs

That’s it for today from me. Hope you all liked the post and please do enjoy the rest of the posts in here. Leace a comment down below mentionin your favorite boys.

26 thoughts on “Friendship 3

    • toby, believe me, I am the one who likes your boys!! i can’t believe how well you know how to pick your pictures and posts. They are always getting better. Thanks really much for sharing your tasty talent with us.

  1. In the vid clip, you are right that boy does like to watch his friends abs. If you’ll notice right at the end of the clip the boy has this dreamy look on his face. I think he’s got the hots for his friend.

    • parker, believe me, he is not the only one whos got the hots for his handsome friend blum And i must say it I love his dreamy face, it makes my heart melt to see how much he loves him, it seems such a sincere and beautiful love to me.

    • He knows it and he is totally in love with him, look at his face, he can’t stop having fantasies about kissing him. Well, just a technical fact, it is not a video, it is called a gif, and you can save them just by right-clicking it, and an option to save it should automatically appear smile I hope I helped you with that my friend.

    • yes, that is definetly his first boy crush. His looks says it right away: he is in love with his friend. And pic 2 is really special too as you say, i really loved all of the boys’s asses in that wet undies.

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