18 thoughts on “FAME 2…Remember these TV/Music crushes?

  1. It is lovely to see these boys again. Thank you for showing some old favourites. Ronan Parke is more recent, of course, but looks gorgeous, I think, and David Gallagher (3) and Matthew Lawrence (4) will always have places in my memory!

    • His name is Noah Hathaway. The pic was found in a 80’s teen magazine. He was better known for his role in the movie, The Never Ending Story-1984. He played the part of a boy warrior named, Atreyu. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it. Some great butt scenes with him riding his luck dragon. HeHeHe! laugh

  2. 1. Ricky Shroder (TV show, Siverspoons)
    2. Danny Pintauro (TV show, Who’s the Boss?)
    3. Taran Noah Smith (TV show, Home Improvement)
    4. David Gallagher (TV show, 7th Heaven)
    5. Matthew Lawrence (TV show Gimme a Break)
    6. Joey Lawrence, aka Matthews brother (Movie, Pulse)
    7. Noah Hathaway ( best known for movie, Never ending Story)
    8.Ronan Parke, (Singer from the UK)

  3. Noah Hathaway is one of my favorite boys of all time, and The NeverEnding Story is my favorite movie because of him. Matthew Lawrence is also a treasure – by far the best looking of the Lawrence brothers. If you see the movie Joshua’s Heart, your own heart will melt.

    Beautiful, beautiful boys! Thanks!

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