12 thoughts on “thirsty thursday

  1. no, no. You are teaching boys some really wrong modals. If your boy is thirsty, you should not give him water, but only your manly milk. The last boy is practicing for the moment when he receives his man milk, he knows what to do. Every boy should be practicing too.

  2. mmm, yeah, i think that would make good practice, but sorry, that boy will not learn good still. I am talking about man milk, and cows are females; boys can’t learn to like girl juices. It it were a bull the picture would have been a perfect educational example of what boys must do when they get thirsty. Good try tho, thanks for trying to educate these uncultured boys.

  3. I can’t really tell for sure what you mean by’man milk’ can’t you make it clearer and I don’t think I can do what that boy is doing in that pic of [email protected]

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