22 thoughts on “Boys (10 Times) (2)

  1. #2 is I am fairly certain another picture of our favourite freckled French birthday boy, so this suggests that there are yet more pictures of him out there. As far as I am aware, the main source of these pictures is ‘nukedguy’

  2. The boy in pic 1 is so cute! I just love how his hair stands up on his head. HIs arms so skinny and his eyes makes one wonder a little about life.

    The boy in pic 2 has such cute freckles! Would love to see his body to see if he has freckles elsewhere!

    The cutie in pic 3 is probably one of my favorites. I love his hair, his shirt and the attitude that he’s got going on. I wouldn’t mind seeing many more of him!

    The blond hottie in pic 4 is my favorite! He looks like he’s from California. I just love his hair and his creamy smooth skin!

    The adventurer in pic 5 – I’d like to hold his hand as he travels!

    Mr Smiles in pic 6 is really cute too! I love his shinny white teeth and that sleeveless shirt he’s sporting!

    The compassionate boy in pic 7 is so beautiful! You can tell he’s an internal feeler and someone who cares for people. Very soft looking.

    The photographer in pic 8 has such amazing eyes! Would love to see the photos he takes… maybe a few selfies?
    I bet he looks beyond what can be seen to see the true beauty of people.

    The bros in pic 10 are cute and you can tell they take care of each other. Would love to see more of them on their skateboards. I bet the older one is a good caretaker of the younger one.

    Thanks for the amazing upload. Probably one of my favorites. Definetly my favorite age group!

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