Dancing boy gifs


Hello everyone. Assy here with another post. I am sure you should have seen most of these gifs alread somewhere, but hey, they are classics. I tried to post some really unique and rare gifs too, so you can see some variety and new stuff. Hope you enjoy watching these adorable little dances.





his abbs are the definition of love






A sissy boy…



… is a good boy.


Hope you enjoyed my post. Please let me know who my next post you want it to be about: cute lovely Jonah, or hot and sexy fit Kol. I have posted about them already in previous posts, so you can go check them out in my profile if you want to first know who they are. Also, i already had a dancing gif post in the past, so if you liked this one i would suggest you to go look for my other one. WARNING: the other boy twerk hard, so you might want to have some toilet paper near you, hehe.

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    • thanks gary, i think i would have to ask you to stop leaving this kind of comments in all my posts because you make me blush a lot blush Cute comment as always gary, but you are the one with awesome posts too drinks

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