10 thoughts on “Davis Cleaveland

  1. O Davis, he has always been a true beautie come true. He has been the protagonist of some of my fantasies ever since i found out about him on “Shake it up”. Not only does he has a really beautiful face, but i have really admired too his sense of fashion; he always wears cool clothes that make him look even more handsome. And i had never seen his abbs until today!!! shock this boy is fit af! I like him even more after this. Thanks a lot for these amazing pics boylove85 smile

      • ooo yeah, he made me go sticky with that last hot pic. I usually hate boys with boobs, but Davis actually manages to look good with his little boy boobs blum i am conserned about that tho, because if a boy haves boobs that means he has some medical problems, and i wold be sad for Davis if he has something sad

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