Hot boy Kol 2

Oh sweet boy Kol, you have stared in so many of my fantasies, and people in here really loved you in your first post, so you deserve to have a second post. Kol just keeps getting sexier every day!




such a heavenly beauty


Daddy <3 Fit af and he knows it




His most recent IG pic. Stil hot.



I <3 his eyelashes in here


Kol’s abbs are love <3

I just wanna give him a really big hug. Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for looking at my post and i hope you liked hottie Kol this second time too (i bet you all did, don’t lie, you would love to do stuff to him too)
So you decided in my lasts 2 posts that you wanted to see more Kol. Now that you got it, what next? 1-boys in briefs 2-selfie boys 3-boys in girl clothes

13 thoughts on “Hot boy Kol 2

    • posted it up already, let me know what you think. And by the way, i love both your username and your profile pic! Jude is my favorite character of the series. Not only because he is really cute, but also because i can relate with him a lot. And i think his nickname “Judicorn” is super cute and fits him well.

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