22 thoughts on “Levi Miller

  1. Guys please! I mean look at you! Youre always saying the same…
    SO F****** HOT OMG!!!!!!
    Yes I mean you are always saying the same that sucks. I dont want to be mean but look at you!!!
    Oh Levi Miller he is so beautiful! He looks Luke Taylor Swift! Please read that comments and check it all.
    1. Levi Miller isnt ugly Luke a big fat McDonalds fan
    Levi Miller looks totaly crazy hot

    2. Levi Millers hair isnt stinking or smells like shit.
    IHis swoop hair is sexy and Wright!

    3. Levi Miller is no “assi” Person
    Hes friendly and cool and he is funny YES I LIKE HIM TO!

    4. no girl doesnt like him thats wrong!
    All girls want to kiss him OH LEVI!

    I dont want to be mean but Levi Miller is a Person that wie habe to respect I like him des… After pan he is like a friend for me!

    Please dont write “oh levi i want to f*** you the whole day and the whole night” I mean who says that… Thats making me sad thats making me so sad!

    Please write what else!

    Cheers Levi!

    THX to the others smile

  2. Yes and the last thing I want to say!
    Levi has mega cool blue eayes!

    And yes he has a sixpack! Hes sexy he is hot.

    Hes a realy cool chilling man…

    And no Im not gay when I would be a girl I would marry him Zoo!

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