All You Need is Love

 dash Disclaimer: I know that some people may not like this pics and/or feel unconfortable with them. So if you don’t like this kind of post just skip it.
~Love Always – Gus~






28 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

    • Hey Gary, Things like this are exactly why I stopped posting here. I don’t blame the posters, they just post the pics. It’s the mods that are the problem, one in particular for me, they don’t seem to know their own rules. If you let one person post a type of pic and another person post a similar pic, same content same context, and it gets removed then it just causes hard feelings among the posters but the mods don’t seem to care. I was basically told that it was better for me to leave than to point out their mistakes

      • I never said anyone told me to leave. It was my decision to stop posting but that decision was made based on an argument with you. You took your stand and I took mine and if me having an opinion or standing for something I believe in amounts to a childish argument to you then so be it. How can you have different ideas about what is allowed and what is not if everyone has the same rules? That’s the purpose of having rules, to regulate what is allowed and what is not. If you all have different ideas then you all have different rules and that’s not fair to anyone

      • What makes you think he’s arguing with you? Seems to me that he’s just commenting, as I would guess you would agree, that there’s nothing wrong with a pic of two boys kissing. The only facts that appear to be in dispute here is whether he’s the asshole and not you.

          • This comment also refers to your other comment here in this post. In this case, you have no right of speech, because the two pictures in question that were also in this post, have been removed yesterday. Gary pointed us at those pictures. The first picture in this post is still in because we made the difference between a friendly, innocent kiss and passionately kissing.

            You know where to find us if there is something, but don’t start nagging around here. If think you’re to good to contact us, please leave and go to the playground where the other kids of your mental age do play.

            :gamer: Kasper

      • He spent much time here becasue he is help to run that site. The only think what you can is being upset about our very time-consuming work. If you not like that very bad-moderated site you can leave it and so save your very worth time. and you should not think that i will tolerate your insulting of others. Unfortunately i am curruently on vacation so i have not the time to read all your comments, but it is not really bad, because i am not interested in your opinion. Because we try always to be nice to everyone and you are only provoking. Maybe you should create a own site, then you can show us, how a site with that topic is running perfect and without any failures smile

  1. Please gary! stop with your comments! i get you are sad about your pic’s removal! but don’t you see the point of this post? we are here to appreciate youn gay love! just like your pic was ment to. The comment secction is filled with hate comments and it is ruinning the point sad is arguiung over 1 picture really worth ruinning a whole beautiful post, that not only is heart warming, but also celebrates about same-sex love?

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