blonde beauty with brown eyes

no fourth album from me but a blonde beauty with brown eyes . I thought I share my joy with you at these beauty sweet cute little boy.
His name is Keyghan Burns smile born in 2004 ‘ have fun

#Stevens Keyghan Burns_GapKids photo 1-15020GF114 185196_157191861021610_1212069_n 199916 297151_189283357812460_1435587243_n 319658_170054469735349_6754301_n 328430_166599766747486_407469_o 384208_193338094073653_225437017_n 432328_259248864149242_637182278_n

13 thoughts on “blonde beauty with brown eyes

  1. He is totally adorable! heart hug There is something about blond boys with brown eyes that melts my heart. heart
    I adored heart the Sprouse twins Dylan and Cole for that reason when they were younger … that and they were just darned cute. blum Now they are older and darned handsome. heart blum
    But yes … blond hair and brown eyes … heart

  2. that poor sad face in pic #3 sad it makes me want to cry cry cute boys like him should never be sad ): specially if they are this perfection of a boy. I swear, his eyes are the entrance to another world were there is nothing but happines and beautiful boys running all over, kissing and hugging and playing with eachother.

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