National treasure 1

After doing some research I did find some reasons to be proud of my country.

My first argument is Xander. Playing soccer and tennis has certainly got its merits. He does also ski, but those pictures are a bit les nice.


xander 0

xander 1

xander 2

xander 3

xander 4

xander 5

xander 6

xander 7


Guess he could be a great model for shorts.

xander 8


This is how he looks now. Almost 13.

xander 9


Next time, I’ll present another one.

25 thoughts on “National treasure 1

  1. Don’t you worry. He’ll be back. There are a few of him in tomorrows post. But limited to 10 a day.
    After I’ve finished presenting the seven boys in this series I’ll continue with a few more of him. Most however are from winter holidays so he does wear a lot more over there.

  2. Xander is x-traordinarily cute, beautiful, sexy and in the last pic … very handsome. heart If he is a sample of the treasures of your land, I want to emigrate to Belgium. (It is Belgium, right?) blush Thanks for sharing him with us. blum

  3. He looks good in shorts in the next to last pic especially. His legs are smooth and “beefy” at the same time. I think there is a “foreshadowing” effect where a boy looks like a man in some ways, and this lends creditability to attraction as being genuine.

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