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  1. I find a picture like this so perplexing. On the one hand there are two comments from others so far that are sexually suggestive yet on the other there is, at least for me, the BL marching orders which are that the boy’s welfare must always surpasses the desires of the man. Thus this boy’s situation is a dilemma. I find the bottle and pacifier intriguing but feel deep sadness for a boy like this. Something’s not right here and thus I can’t take any happiness from it. Would love to know the full story of how this boy ends up in a shot like this because the picture is so intensely sad. Unless this is an amazing ruse, this boy’s life is no joy so as a BL I feel a very strong urge to want to be with him and protect him assuming the reality of the picture is in fact real.

  2. Boys4Life: If you are concerned that the boy, Dale, is handicapped in some way, he is not. He and his older brother appeared in a series of images in diapers, onesies, etc. drinking bottles and sippy cups. I don’t know the reason but suspect it was for the money, not because of disability. Their father was the photographer.

    • Thanks, Basil. There was something about the boy’s body language that hinted that there was more to this. However, I still find the situation a little disturbing. While there’s good clean fun in a boy pretending to be a baby or doing something daring as a joke or even as a dare, your indication that this may have been something done for money troubles me. I hate to see boys exploited and there’s a really fine line given that much of what we do here as BLs can be seen as exploitation. As a parent I would really question someone who puts boys in a situation like this and then profits from it in some way.

      There is more to this story though and I realize I don’t know what it is and that others of you here do. That stroller is a legitimate piece of equipment used for a real child with major disability. The access to it is what I wonder about if the boy is not the one in need. I know I’m overthinking this. Clearly this picture struck a nerve. That’s just me though. I have no issue with anyone enjoying the shot with no thoughts otherwise. Maybe if a set of pictures had been posted I would have seen how it was staged rather than possibly be real. But that’s on me.

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