13 thoughts on “There are no rules to this thing

      • He’s not talking about it taking too long for a post to be approved. He’s talking about having a picture of 2 boys kissing approved in one of his post only to have it removed after it posted because someone said it might be considered illegal in his country yet others, including myself, have posted many pictures of boys kissing boys and they are still up on the blog. It used to say at the start of the blog that if you felt like the pics here were illegal in your country then you should just leave but I guess that’s another rule that only applies depending on who’s complaining

  1. Many of these pics are too hot to handle and I applaud all the young people that have the courage to come out and be themselves.

    On a different note, that first comic is just freaking hilarious, “… but he’s sooo cute” That is just funny.

  2. Nothing at all light or funny about the Stranger Danger cartoon so not understanding why it was thrown into the mix of an otherwise lovely and loving collection of artistic expressions.

    Now I’m left with the image of a poor little dog about to be abused in horrible ways. Thanks for that.

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