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      • Too bad about the bulges being removed though I understand the difficult fine line this place has to walk. I have no issue with the site being overly cautious though I miss the chance to see what should be perfectly acceptable shots of a boy bulge. I suppose the issue can and should be the shot of just the boy’s crotch. Though non-pornographic in the strictest sense, a shot like that is hard to defend in general to those outside our world.

        Personally, I think a boy with a covered crotch should be fair game no matter how dramatic the bulge might be. If covered and not erect, there really should be no issue. Sadly, boys, and those of us who enjoy them, have to hide the best part of themselves. I hope a boy in undies or a speedo with a good bulge that shows the whole boy can still be seen as OK. There are lovely candid, normal, every day situation shots here that happen to show a boy with tight fitting clothes and therefore a bulge. I hope these remain fair game.

  1. How could I not be totally fixated on the 2 close-up shots? blum #3 – I’d recognize Beryl’s beautiful boy bulge anywhere. blum And #6 – I am gagging on its hidden magnificence … or I would be. blush blum
    Of course I love heart Florian. And you’ve chosen well with the other boys, too, Dennis71 – thanks. good

  2. I like each shot in it’s own special way. Some are some great classic boys and others show off a new boy in all his beauty. Then there are the close ups that present the best feature of a boy. Each brings something great to the table.

    For me, boys in undies are always great shot because it gives a glimpse into what makes a boy a boy. Usually its all hidden away but undies allow a boy to reveal he’s a boy and for some boys to be able to take pride in this. I love a boy that knows he’s hot and knows what he’s got and isn’t afraid to reveal it.

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