12 thoughts on “Are these boys good?

  1. I’m getting that the choices are more European white, I like all boys but for me I prefer South American boys or if we are talking about Europe than I really like Spanish and Italian boys,but I like most of the post here on this blog,you’re all really great.

  2. hu? what’s that boy #7? you are asking me to smack your butt? you know i can’t do that! ….. haha, just kidding, of course i’ll do anything you ask. Bring your ass to me uncovered then!

  3. These boys are great, all of them. I especially like the boys of color, and I’m white. When you’re considering the physical beauty of boys, I don’t know why skin color would make a difference except as a matter of personal preference, such as the age of a boy. A sexy hot body is sexy and hot, regardless of its shade.

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