Introducing the YF who fooled me!

Everyone, this is Brody! He was an awesome YF of mine for 4 years. I met him when he was 12 and we stayed in touch until he was 16. Then his social life took a huge turn and we just stopped communicating regularly. Well, you know what they say, life goes on, right? And considering the fact that only 10 pictures can be posted each day, I do have enough pics for 4 sets of 10, so this wont be the only post you’ll see him in. So, here he is! I can’t wait to see your comments!13468_133497226678871_100000557827479_259470_3154387_n 13468_133497246678869_100000557827479_259476_4338960_n 26094_114606098567984_100000557827479_171151_933578_n 26845_110207012341226_100000557827479_152431_1578797_n 26845_110207059007888_100000557827479_152443_1690644_n 35726_132491666779427_100000557827479_255254_542940_n 75352_168328989862361_100000557827479_456302_7910205_n 151068_174880619207198_5858897_n redone 1 redone 2

7 thoughts on “Introducing the YF who fooled me!

  1. @Thomix – Yea this is not Sonny. I clearly named this “Introducing the YF who fooled me”…….Is that what the russian language says up there?

    @Jo – Yea he was. I even posted a couple YT videos in another thread on the forum called “When a YF fools you” go check it out and you can hear his voice cool

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