46 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. Sascha, please tell me your secret, where do yo look, where do yo go, to get that unwahrscheinliche bilder ( incredible pictures), it sounds better in German Tks very mch fo yor post, nr. 1 & 2 Uuuuufffff!!!!. laugh drinks cool good

  2. boys 1, 6, and 9 are just perfect cutties! Boy 1 is sexy and well hung and he knows it!!! and boy 9, oh yes, he is in the perfect pose, it surely isn’t a casuality, he definetely is inviting me to do him some really nody moves on his cute body. With that pleasure face and those lovely undies, how could i deny his invitation?

  3. I love all of them,they are so cute,perfect,hot and amazing.I would like to be with the last boy picture he is so hut,to tuch him,to feel him,to have a special moment with the boy.

  4. #1 – It’s like this hunky young stud is posing and saying, “You want me, don’t you?” Oh-h-h yeah-h-h! blum
    #2 – Cheeky, cheeky … slippery, slippery … licky, licky blum blum
    #4 – He looks very happy standing there on top of the water jet. He’s thinking, “This is so cold and so hot at the same time.” It looks like he might be shaking. Is he cold or really turned on? wink

  5. I”m late to the party on this amazing set. What more can be said beyond “WOW!” This is a BL dream set of stunning wet looks. I particularly love the last three. The fantasy fuel is off the charts. Each one a winner in his own special way.

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