Boys in drag

Hey guys! I have not posted anything in like 5 weeks and it feels like forever! My schedule has bin a little tighten up these days with all the back to school stuff. Well, i am gonna make my absense worth it! Last post you guys told me you wanted to see boys in girls clothes, so here they are. As always, I hope you enjoy the pics.




hey ballerina, can you dance for assy?




I think i like b00bs now (:


He is such a good princess


Wearing diapers and girl clothes at once? Good girl! You know how your big bro assy likes you to dress.



Well, that’s it. Hope you guys liked. Now, what would you like my next post to be about? Boys in diapes, more boys in drag, or more of my babe Jonah? Let me now (:

40 thoughts on “Boys in drag

  1. Different, different. Always good to see an extended range of possibilities! Boys in diapers would be nice. Just a request – is there any way you could make the images larger? There are ways of doing this, but it loses some sharpness. Large original is best! Thanks.

  2. This is something I can’t really understand about the gay seen why would a super hot boy gorgeous the way they are want to be or dress like a girl I can never understand it but each to their own nice boys very cute thanks Assy

      • Don’t worry, i am not offended at all rory (: I get you don’t like the same things that i do but that is ok. We all have different tastes, that is why this blog exist after all, right? so we don’t feel ashamed of our prefereces and so we can see what we like. So if you don’t like boys in girl’s clothes, well, not my problem (but man, you are missing some really good stuff laugh )

    • well, maybe they do it because their man wants them to, or maybe because they just feel more comfortable or they know they look better in girls clothes. They wear them better than girls. I love for example how boy #6’s fit legs look with that short shorts, or how the first boys abbs look so hot with the cheerleader tops. in the end, boys are beautiful, no matter what clothes they wear ( or the one they don’t laugh ). And also, in my liberal opinion, gender roles are nothing but stereotypes, and any kind of stereotype is wrong, so if a boy wants to wear “girl” clothes, there is no such thing, he only wants to wear a kind of clothing.

  3. I like it it’s different we all need different too not just,what were use to ,in my opinion anyway. The boys look great all them but Florian is beautiful in that ballerina outfit hey I’m use to boys/men’s clothing on boys/men and quite happy,especially with lol right underwear,as one writer detailed,but I like to see this,a nice break for creativitys sake after all were all under the rainbow that’s diversity and this is no harm fun

    • thanks for your loving and supporting words americanboy45 smile i could not agree more with you. This blog is here for people like us who are under the rainbow specter, and we have many different tastes that we can only explore in here.

  4. Thank you very much for your post! I always loved girly boys.. I don’t exactly know why… perhaps because they looks so cute and remissive… or perhaps because it burn my fantasy. Anyway, these are really beautiful “girls” laugh

  5. What if thair was a town in east Texas , near the swamp ,
    Wair all that magic wood cums frum , that Harry potter &
    His frends get thair magic wands frum , and all the girls in Texas had used those wands tu turn all the Texas boys intu girls ? That still wood not explain why all the girls in Michigan
    Got top sirjirry ?

  6. Nice pics! Love to see boys in diapers walking in the woods on trails, outside having fun in diapers and sneaks, and posing and playing on playground equipment. I think boys should be in diapers and sneaks everywhere and it should be socially acceptable, as I wear diapers too.

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