Boys in diapers :)

Hey! Assy with another post. This post is a really special one for me because i LOVE boys in diapers and i have wanted to do a psot about it ever since i joined the blog. For what i have seen in some other diaper posts, boys in diapers are not so well accepted in here, and sorry, but i really really want to post these childish boys. Plus, it was the msot requested post in my last one. So, i hope you enjoy, and sorry if you are not into this.











Hope you liked (: Don’t you just want them to piss so that you can change their diapers?
For my next post, would you prefer: 1) Boys in briefs 2)  Jonah 3)my celebrity boy crush
Let me know in the comments! Thanks for letting me share this post after so long, guys.

36 thoughts on “Boys in diapers :)

  1. Oh…Assy…I’d really like to see your celebrity boy crushes. I’ve posted 2 albums famous boys from the 80’s and 90’s and will probably post a 3rd. I really want to see your flavor. lol laugh

    • i did not knew they existed, but i just looked them up and yes, they are really cute! specially Gwen’s son, because he is a girly sissy and wears dresses and all, apparently, so that is a big YES! from my part.

  2. My god I really loved pic #1,2,9,10 wow wow wow so hot. I love these as the diapers are fitting these boys so amazing. Thanks again for another fantastic post.

  3. Always like the diaper pictures! Happy that some of you do to and are willing to post them. Not my main thing but enjoy the variety of seeing boys do some things that many might think they should be doing. Hope you can share more.

    Can you or anyone explain why some pictures are downloadable and others aren’t from post to post? For example, I seem to be able to download the first picture here if I wanted to but not any of the others and this happens in many other posts. Is this intentional or is it me?

    • I am glad you liked my pics. I too love the fact that the boys enjoy wearing society tells them not to, not only do they look great in diapers, but they also show society that they are smart boys who are not going to follow its rules.
      About your poblem, no, not intentional at all! thanks for informing me about this tho, i didn’t knew not all my pics could be downloaded by everyone. But that is weird, i can download them all withouth a problem.

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