26 thoughts on “12 year old comming out

  1. Gorgeous boy wish I had him in my school as a kid . I knew I liked boys around his age don’t think I ever told anyone do but I remember being very depressed and confused I think I told my mam once I was unsure of my sexuality and she told me I would be loved no matter what but still I wasn’t ok with who I was . I think actually one girl in my school knew as we used to play a game that was meant to show how much someone loved you and instead of picking girl I picked a boy she didn’t think much of it do just taught it strange I just said I really like him and that was that . I am 31 now and married with a wife I love here but deep inside I still wonder and ask myself everyday am I gay I have met other guys now and again and really enjoyed my time with them who know away from family and friends things could have been different for me . Sorry that I went off on a bit of a rant but I have title respect for kids who come out maybe if I had had the courage to do so when I was a kid life would have been so much easier for me

    • It’s society that insists that being gay is wrong! and if you’ve noticed, it’s only the so called ‘Straight’ people that even have anything to say about it being wrong! I don’t know one LGBT person who’s ever not excepted another LGBT!

      You at least have the confidence of knowing, that here, you are among friends that accept you for who are are! smile

  2. . . . O M G . . . HOW BEAUTIFUL heart I can certainly understand all of us who have tears . . . how could we not. heart I know a lot of us want to just grab him and protect him Forever; However, I’m really impressed by his parents and my Kindest Thoughts to Them smile smile I watched the video about 4 times and will again I imagine. I wish it was available to every young person on the planet. Thanks so Much to the person who felt it important enough to film/video it and make it possible and to this Blog for making it possible for thousands to see . . . I Love You heart heart heart

  3. smile smile smile The Emotions regarding this Video is Overwhelming, as it should be. Please, when you have time to watch; DO IT. smile The opening is slow . . . be patient. Depending on your system; may take a bit of time. All of Us should learn from this and make Sure to Help a person needing our Help. Remember . . . Most of us were ALL that same young lad . . . ” Once Upon A Time ” smile smile smile

  4. you are all welcome for this post. I knew all of you would enjoy it and really feel for this kid. He is truly lucky, Most kids in his position end up killing themselves or something ells bad. The most kids who see this, the better. It does not matter what he looks like fat, skinny, cute, ugly. I would feel the same way. but he is very very cute

  5. No words can descibe how beautiful, brave and admirable Braeden is. His eyes are jsut breath taking. I wish i had as much courage as him to come out. I hope he now has a good boyfriend who loves him really much and treats him as well as the little angel deserves. So many feels and tears right now sad cry

  6. Wow! What an amazing story! That boy is just plain stunning, and not just because he’s beautiful physically. He is also amazingly brave and a remarkable leader. I wish him well.

    His story makes me wonder about all of us. Wouldn’t it be great if we could mentor a boy like that? And what about if we could come out of the closet like this and be celebrated? Can you imagine a world where a man could say “I love boys” and a part of the world would wrap their hands around him? Of course, we’re not talking about loving a boy sexually but at least just the idea that it can be OK and safe to say we love to be with boys, and maybe that we really love their physical beauty.

    I envy the boys that will be, or have been, intimate with him…

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