‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

BTW: The Survey for the Picture Battle – BOATS AND YACHTS has stated.

In the last survey these beautiful photos have won.


First placed submitted by “Argos” smile



First placed submitted by “cuteboys” smile



The third winner is submitted by “hardtime” smile


And here my additional favourite submitted by  “PRT” smile



Many thanks to the winner and all the other participants. :cool:

Many more beautiful pictures of this survey you can find here.

All participants and results.

I think all would have deserved to win sad

___All previous winners___

11 thoughts on “‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

  1. To all of you.
    For a better appreciation of the physical beauty of a boy, you must see this.
    YOU TUBE: Esame ortopedico completo del bambino. Parts 1, 2 & 3.
    ( A complete orthopedic Examination of a Child ). In this case it is a boy.
    The doctor examines a boy in a lecture hall demonstration for Doctors and Medical Students
    It is something you will never forget. And Yes. The boy is beautiful and orthopedically perfect.

    • Thanks for the suggestion on the exam videos on youtube. There are some amazingly intimate scenes involving boys when you start looking. The doctor exams are just one. There is a great clip from the 1970s out there of a young boy in just white briefs being “Rolfed” (a physical process named for a woman named Ida Rolf). I don’t have a link at the moment but it should be easy to find. And if you do a search for “punch biopsy” you’ll likely find an 11 year old boy having this done a few inches above his crotch. YouTube can be quite a distraction sometimes!

  2. An amazing set of winners here and all three of my choices too! Thanks to all who posted. Number one has a perfect body, a perfect butt and the perfect tight fit over top of it (well, with the concession that nothing over top would be the real perfect look!). Number two is a wonderful tease with his examination, his tight fit and the ridiculously obvious outline of what he’s packing. And the fourth one I love for it’s powerful innocence – a beautiful boy in body with a perfect face, a perfect look and the disarming innocence of the thumb. Wow.

    Thanks for all the stimulating eye candy! It’s at times like this that I really love being BL.

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