Boys in briefs

So  in my last post i asked you if you would rahter have me post boys in briefs, Jonah or my first celerity boy crush, and guess which one got the most votes and hype? haha. Well, i hope you guys enjoy the pics. I tried to post only the pretties and tightest undies.











Let a comment below sharing who was your favorite babe. I guess my next post will be the option that got the second most votes, so, do you think you can guess who my first ever celebrity boy crush was?

21 thoughts on “Boys in briefs

  1. Can’t take my eyes off number 2.

    Given your age, I’m having a difficult time coming up with possible celebrity crushes. I know you’ve said in the past that you like sissy boys. Was your first celeb crush considered a sissy boy?

    • well, i can’t blame you, boy 2 has a perfect ass.
      O yes, i love sissy boys with all my heart and you know it heart heart but no, my first crush was not sissy in any way (although i would totally love him to be girly and/or gay and to see him in girl clothes).

  2. Can i just point out how lovely sissy boy #4 is? forgot to comment about it under the pic. A yummy delicate boy in flower panties, and his hands in that pose, no wonder he is gay. He is on the correct track for a cute boy like him to be.

  3. Love the look of all boys of any age in undies so this group of mostly little boys is fun to see. My favorite boys are the ones right before puberty when wearing tight fitting briefs so that outline that first boy gives is to die for. Would love to get a live look at him and see what’s hiding move with the rest of him.

    But then that second little guy’s pose is wild too in a whole different way. Would love to play with him in a much more innocent way. Would just love to see and hear and feel his youthful innocence and to see that cute little butt up close and to maybe even give it a playful pat or two.

    • boys4life, i love how passionate you are about your fantasies. You seem as if you would make a good dad or a good lover of a boy too. You really know what you like about each boy, that is really cute. And your redaction is just poetical. How sweet is it what you want to do with boy 2, i mean, with his looks and his pose, i would think of, well, nodier things, but you? you only want to admire his youth and his innocence; such a cute thougt. Thanks really much for sharing your beautiful ideas, my friend smile heart

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