30 thoughts on “Cuddle Monday

  1. Might just have to cuddle him too. Bet he could never get enough attention. Imagine if we each had a chance one at a time maybe one of us for each day or night for each picture in the set? I’ll volunteer myself for the last shot because I love the fantasy that he’s waiting for me to come back to my car! Would make for a hell of a ride. Given the extra space in the car I’d even let a few of his friends come along if they insisted. I’m sure they could talk me into it! I might even pretend that they would need too!

    Maybe in a different world and a different life….sigh

    • Fantasy is crucial to my survival as a BL, J. We all do it and some of us are brave enough to talk about it with others. I wish we could do more here but I support the boundaries this place has to have. I need to have a rich fantasy life when it comes to boys because I know none of them can ever be acted on. So the boy here with his smooth back and his wonderful speedo bulge definitely gets me dreaming…

      And, I absolutely LOVE the fantasy of being with a BL and boys at the same time. What a trip that would be! You are more than welcome to join in the fantasy fun!

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