20 thoughts on “Leopard Boy Boy in yhe Forest

  1. Here’s the translation:
    If the person you love
    shivers when you hug him…
    If you feel his lips
    burning like ember…
    If you feel he’s agitated
    whilst breathing…
    If there’s a special shimmer
    in his eyes…
    Make him a soup, he has a flu.

    Nice one laugh

      • Dunno, I’ve never had Spanish classes and I’m not from a Spanish-speaking country.
        When I was a young boy I used to watch a cartoon I really liked that was dubbed in Spanish. Since I couldn’t yet read the subtitles I started to try to learn it.
        And when I was able to finally read the subtitles, I started to associate subtitles with words and growing some interest for the language. smile
        It may sound odd but that’s actually how it happened laugh

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