7 thoughts on “Boy Attack

    • Haha, you found this one smile I thought it had gone unnoticed when i posted it to BC laughDDD Thanks for posting it here though. I got such a smile when i saw someone actually liked it smile Thank you. Made my day smile Hugs <3

    • Hi, DJ, this is a swedish Youtuber and streamer that is maybe 15-16 years old and i like him a bit. He works out a lot and he has a nice face. He has over 10000 followers on YT and his fanbase is mostly boys of those ages as can be seen in the vid.

      What happens here is that he is walking out of a building (there has been some sporting tournament of some kind) and some of the boys in the vid immediately recognises him as the youtuber. And since theyre his fans they want autographs and selfies taken etc. Notice that one boy even hug him after maybe 3:20 in the vid smile

      And the language is Swedish. From a northern country in europe. And thats why most people here might not understand what they say. But its pretty obvious that the boys is screaming “do me, take me”, they want his autograph signed on their arms smile And that the Young youtuber is a bit overwhelmed by the “attack”.

      I love the vid because theres so many boys just hanging over him and wont leave him alone. And he loves the attention.

      Imagine if it were you they were after, would you run?? laugh


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