Boys in bed

Like i said in my last post, today i will bring you a nody post for your imaginations to enjoy ;) Boys laying on beds! They are only waiting for you to join them in bed. MOst of them are even in undies already, they are just desperate.











hereallywasshokedFor my next post, you would like me to post about:
1) boys in boxers  2)Jonah  3)girly looking boys  4)Kol  5)A new boy


44 thoughts on “Boys in bed

  1. En la foto 6 Wow que caliente Me encanta esa foto mmmn.nnnmmmm en la foto 7 también me puedo imaginar que en ese momento tenía un sueño húmedo y el nene de la 9 es un malvado travieso mmmnmmm en la pic 10 obviamente podemos observar que el nene está teniendo un orgasmo rico nene

      • I’d love to know where he got the Gif in the first place because if there’s a gif there’s usually someone who posted it meaning someone who either knew this boy or knows OF him and that’d be a good port of seeing more of him (which idk about you….but I’d love to see more of him if you know what I mean laugh

  2. Tornseglare……lufthavets herrar…..bonden ted betraktar …nakna pojkar på väg mot kanalen……Livet vore poesi och skönhet…men sommarlovet tar slut….ted the milk-farmer….

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