Amazing Dancing boy (Ballet)

Here is the dialogue from

sequence 6:40 – 6:55 (sorry I don’t have the whole transcript)

Interviewer: Ma i tuoi genitori cosa ti dicono?
Interviewer: But what do your parents say you?

Devis: Allora..
Devis: Well..

Interviewer: Ti aiutano? Si?
Interviewer: Do they support you? Do they?

Devis: Mamma la maggior parte delle volte mi sta.. cioè.. mi aiuta molto
Devis: Mom, most of the times, looks out for.. I mean.. helps me a lot

Devis: Mentre papà, un po’..
Devis: While Dad, a little bit..

Interviewer: Ah! E’ più impegnato!
Interviewer: Ah! He is more busy!

Devis: Tsk!
Devis: Tsk!

Interviewer: Non chiedo di più!.. Bravo!
Interviewer: I won’t ask further!.. Good job!

Devis: Grazie.
Devis: Thanks.

Interviewer: Papà sarà comunque dovuque sia orgoglioso di te.
Interviewer: Dad certainly is being proud of you wherever he is.

(Devis starts crying..)

21 thoughts on “Amazing Dancing boy (Ballet)

  1. What is the woman in white saying to Devis when he starts crying? First she was sitting there, without any expression on her face. Maybe she was thinking “I wanna go home”? But when he starts crying, she went to him smile Everybody seemed to be emotional.

    Great act, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Devis, i love you very because you are for me a little brother
    You are a great dancer
    Your feet are beautiful even with socks, but please next time i want see you BAREFOOT because i love very little boys feet

  3. He is a beautiful boy with a super sexy body and a really cute personality. just perfect! but i cant seem to download the link you put under it can someone help me ?

  4. O-M-G . . . How Beautiful ! ! ! ! The Lad is Super Beautiful and his performance is stunning . . . I’ve watched this 12 times and have downloaded it to watch again . Thank You So Much ” BLUINYOU ” – smile smile smile smile smile smile

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