Kol 3

Well, i asked you last post which boy would you like to see, and since no one answered, i will post the most requested boy from 2 posts ago: Kol. I know that i have posted too much of him, this is the third kol post in like a month, but well… Not complaining!!! I love that sexy beast Kol and his abbs.

kol15kol34 kol35 kolabbs4 kolabbs5kol21 kol30 kol33kol13kol32

I hope you have not gotten tired of this sexy babe. Now, i would like to you guys to type comments as nody and blog-friendly as you can about Kol and his gorgeous body. And please, tell me, what would you like my next post to be about? I don’t want to break my head thinking on what or who to make it about:
1)More boys in drag   2)Girly boys   3)Jonah   4)A new boy

23 thoughts on “Kol 3

    • I would appreciate if you mail me a link to his youtube channel and instagram profile smile
      And yes I would worship him and his body too yes
      I think he knows his appeal to many many people and I think he enjoys the attention. Surely he’s cunning enough to make me to his plaything. Oh what’s wrong with me…

      • twinksterxx, please send me a PM if yoyu want the links.
        I agree. He definetly knows how sexy he is and how much attention he gets. But with his sexy looks, he deserves all that attention and love in the world. There is nothing wrong with you. Any BL would love to be his plaything too.

    • I know. Kol is perfect boyfriend material. I wish he was gay. His body is just exsiting. He deserves to be served and to have all the boys he wants as his personal slaves. I would love to be his slave, in fact. I would adore his abbs all day long and kiss them.

  1. Assy – I am going to do something much out of the ordinary for me, and vote for girly boys. (Not “dressing like girls” but effeminate features.) I usually prefer boys to look like boys, but I’ve seen some of the boys you consider “girly” and they are a-ok with me!

  2. I like it when they pull up their shirt so you can see their abs, stomach etc. maybe even their chest. Of course shirtless is nice too, but pulling one up that they have on seems particularly inviting.

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