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    • Duh, of course that cutie is special ‘Nellie the smartypants,not!’ He looks like an extremely friendly kid with a zodiac sign of either Leo or Pisces because of his big expressive ice blue eyes! I know a 13 year old guy at my school named Liam Bulleyment and his zodiac is Leo(August 2nd 2002 was when he was born), he is extremely friendly to me wherever I go and he has a cute face that reminds me of Hunter. Some people at my school think Liam is a Pisces due to this. Whenever Hunter may be feeling totally blue, I will keep him company as I am a friendly 14 year old autistic guy with a zodiac of Taurus (21st April 2001 was when I was born). I am reliable and sweet enough to give that model a big hug, because when I first seen an image of him, I was like ‘Aawwwwww! He is soooooooo cute!’ If he was giving me a compliment, he would say ‘I think you are such a sweetheart!’ And If I give him one back it’ll be ‘I think you have a really adorable face!’ Anyways, what I was saying is that if you don’t mind your own business right fricking now, I would get big time revenge on you!

  1. For some reason, I like #6 alot. Seems to be in just, the right spot. Hunter’s beautiful. His body, his astonishing eyes, absolutely perfect not. Reminds me of my neighborhood friend when I was 11. Except he shared alot more than hunter is. ;)

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