21 thoughts on “Richie young

  1. a sexy boy in sexy small whitie undies and in sexy poses….. it is because of boys as seductive and hot like Richie here that i can’t understand how not everyone in the world is a boylover. They are missing beauties like this one.

  2. Well, what have we here? A stunning little curly-haired cherub dressed for tennis! Richie seems to be well aware of his finest ASSet (sorry about that!) and he ensures that we get plenty of sublime views. Wow! A gorgeous, achingly beautiful boy if ever there was one.
    Incidentally, I don’t go along with what some people are suggesting about the possibility of introducing some nudity on this website. This would have massive legal and moral implications for all concerned and it would be a disaster. Don’t go there! No, leave things as they are, this site is already quite perfect in my opinion and I would hate for it all to fall apart. In any case, nudity would completely destroy the innocence and mystery that surely play a huge part of the appeal. Sometimes, less is better! heart hug yes joy

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