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  1. Boys swimming in brief style underwear is always a nice site. Always helps show off a boy’s best asset. Of course, swimming nude is so much more logical and fun. Too bad we’re so uptight about this that many boys miss out on this wonderful experience. Wonder how many of these boys would gladly strip if given permission…

    • Most boys don’t mind going in naked, as long as they know there aren’t any girls around! these boys probably did once the camera was put away!
      I remember my Cub Scout camping trips! shock naked boys galore! shock and all because they knew it was JUST us boys! and I’m sure the Scout leader quite enjoyed it too! laugh shock

  2. mmm, beautiful boy, delicious legs and abbs, lovely smile, cool cute hair, amazing cute butt, and very big and delicious bulge! 10/10 would bang him good Too bad his tiny thong is loose, it would look amazing if it was tight.

  3. To me the face is the most important part of determining a boy’s attractiveness. When it’s complimented by all the other features also being magnificent, it turns this boy into a God for me.

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