17 thoughts on “Dear boys, …

  1. #4 is an actor, but I can’t remember his name at the moment! he appeared in one episode of the TV series Lost! he was a bit younger than in this pic, which I think most of us here would prefer! I have that pic, I’ll see if I can find it and I’ll maybe enter it in a pow!

    • What is it, Assyboy, that makes him look really gay?

      I need to learn this, as my gaydar never works, so sometimes i am pleasantly surprised, while other times i am severely disappointed when some boy in my life turns out to be gay/straight.

      And in my case, bi. (Which is probably inpossible to tell for).

      • eemmm, not want to break your dreams, but actually bi boys are even easier to detect.
        In boy #2’s case, i can tell he is gay becaue of his pose, the way he is wearing the scarf and his cheek and lips. It is scientifically proofen that certain facial traits indicate that a person is homosexual.

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