23 thoughts on “Boys & their mums

  1. Mom’s, or Mum’s, are very special people, they sacrifice a lot for their child, at least mine always did! heart not to take anything away from Dad’s, they love their children just as much as Moms do! they just show it in different ways!

  2. Our mom truly loved us and then some! But no pampering … ! lol. A shoot with dads would be cool. Ek & my boeta is nooit opgepiep nie nope! We’d be called sissy’s then! No doubt.

  3. Love this set! What a great new twist to the usual pattern of pictures here. Boys and their relationship with mom is such a fascinating aspect to my attraction to boys. Love seeing them together. And, yes, like any BL, I am insanely jealous of mom’s contact with the boy. Would obviously love to trade places. (Makes me wonder how many moms or women have similar attractions to boys that we do. I’m sure some do even if not in quite the same way.)

    But I also agree with several posters that a set with boys and dads or boys and men would be even more special because this is why we are all BL. The dynamic between a boy and a man is what it is all about. So no disrespect to the moms, but if anyone has ’em, bring on the boy and dad or boy and man shots!

    • I try to show I would look after a boy’s needs the way they might not think a man would be. I think a man could do this after they were a certain age. So a mama’s boy would be fine with me.

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