24 thoughts on “Angel

  1. A beautiful boy at a beautiful age – he’ll probably never be sexier than he was on that beach when those photos were taken. He has a brother or cousin or friend who appears in some of the beach shots who is just as sexy and probably deserved a photo shoot of his own.

  2. Angle has to be one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen. Thankful, I’ve seen his photos before. He is just gorgeous, and almost acts like he understands his beautify and sensuality! Does he really know what he does to guys?

    • Yes I know what you mean. But for me that’s a turn on. It looks like he’s more a bully than a good angel. Harder to handle but much more interesting for me yes

  3. He’s a knock-out (pardon the pun). Brown hair, brown eyes. I’m in love.

    Surprisingly hairy legs for his age. (Of course, he may be older than I think.)

    Oh, man. That second photo. Smokin’!

  4. Like an Angel from heaven that fell from the skies and into my lap “Angel” is HOT!! There is no one who could say no to this boy! Even a non-BL !!! no I think he could take your breath away with just one sweet kiss! shock heart Very hot sensual and sexual boy! Beautiful!!!

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