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  1. The model is hardly unknown and their are 60 other pics in this set. You can’t expect him to smile in every single picture surely ? I think this set may have been one of the last he did ?

  2. Please no more of this set. Those “pants” are f***ing hideous. I don’t know who to blame more: the designer who thought this looked good, or the Wangjiang Company for actually producing them.

  3. As you have found out he is not unknown, I think it is the cameraman or directors fault that his smile is not more genuine, he is a child, he should have been given breaks, the cameraman should have developed a repertoire with him making him feel comfortable. In some of his other sets he did have more genuine smile. I have no complaints with you or Danny just those listed above,,, Thanks so much for sharing this, he is one of my favorites

  4. Danny is one of my favourites,not so much for his looks but I love his attitude and the way he models.This is actually one of my favourite sets of his,I think he looks great in tight colourful pants !

    But it’s sad that he stood modelling and there are probaly no more fresh sets of him to see ! blush sorry

  5. I’m amazed that some people could harbour such a strong dislike for the delectable Danny. However, there are more people who love Danny like I do and I, too, wish he could have continued modelling. Anyone knows what he’s doing now?

  6. I think these pics are taken from his so called unseen set from a few years back..but now we’ve all seen them lol ! I have the full set of 70 pics but they are nice I ain’t gonna lie,I like,er,Danny ! acute

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