11 thoughts on “Good Briefs Make Good Boys – My 1st Post

  1. First of all, i would like to pint out that only the first boy is wearing a brief, the other ones look really cute in their boxers,i won’t complain, but if the title says briefs, i am expecting to see boys in briefs, just a little suggestion for you to take care of your posts’s quality.
    Now, the nody comments laugh Boy in pics #1 and #2 stole my heart with his natural beauty and modleing abilities. His flat body is lovely, his face super extra cute and boyish, soft lips, adorable hair, lots of confidence, cute undies (specialy #2) , kissable titties and most of all, he got that “V” on his chest heart
    And the boy in the last 2 pics almsot the same: a natural sexy face, with really nody and suggestive facial expressions , so much sexy confidence, really sexy poses, gorgeous yet childish tight boxers… he knows how to maintain his natural childich boy beauty, and at the same time bring out his sexy side to shine in perfect onison. That talent is unusual in a child model, and he loves to play with it.

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