21 thoughts on “On the beach (17)

  1. I want to go boating with #1 and swimming with #2!!!
    I wouldn’t mind leaning against the rock with #5 and fishing with #7!

    Although, those activities are just the start of what’s going on in my imagination!

  2. Love seeing boys on the beach! A great way to see lots of bare chests, the occasional tight swim suit and the slick film of water on that wonderful smooth boy skin. Thanks for sharing!

    Boy #2 in this set is absolutely perfect and what dreams are made of. Life would be good if by his side.

  3. Boy #2 has a really kissable flat tummy and a sexy tanned soft skin i desire to touch so much. Boy #7 on the other hand has a super sweet, cute, adorable and pretty facem with such lovely stretched eyes, perfect happines smile, a cute little nose…. gasp, not to mention his extra perfect long hair and hot titties <3 .

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