Some selfies


Another stressful schoolday full of homework, so I, again, will do only a fast post. Some handsome boys  taking selfies! Always a hot choice. Hope you enjoy the pics.


handsome hair and face. Yummy body too.



such a cute anrgy face (:





I love his flat chest and big bulge


Troy babe!

Hope you enjoyed. I would recomedn you guys to keep a toilet paper roll near you, cause once again my next post will be some fine hot and teasing stuff (:    ;)

16 thoughts on “Some selfies

    • I too love tighty whiteys! thay make boys look so childish and inocent, not to mention how they make boys bulges and butts to looks so round and delicious. Plus, the boy in pics 5 and 6 has an extra cute face and fit body.

    • well, apparently pic #2 has saddly been removed sad so i guess the admin must have thought he had no clothes on, but i don’t know if was wearing any pants or undies, the pic only made our imaginations go wild…

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