23 thoughts on “Very Cute Boys

  1. My fav is the blonde boy in the undershirt. He is so freakin’ beautiful!

    But the little boy in the grey suit is also an eye-catcher. Soo cute heart

    But the last boy is awesome too. What a hottie shock Abs of steel and a face expression like he has some kind of big pleasure laugh

    • I was thinking which one is the best boy in this post. I had two candidates, No 1 and the last, and I decided the last one, because his attitude, The No 1 is also wonderful. Tks paperpaul. good drinks hug

  2. boy #1: i love his skin color
    boy #3: i love… just everything about that sexy human being! such a seductive stare… gasp
    boy #5: nice hair and skin color, not to mention how cool his speedo is too
    boy #10: looks like he might be too old for my taste, but oh my! his pleasure face and his 6-pack are.. so hot!

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