An extremely sexy face!!!!

Hi everyone!

Some boys are cute!
Some others are both cute and hot!
This one is HOT!!

Considering my tastes, this boy has certainly one of the hottest faces EVER (If not the hottest!)!!!! I don’t even need to see his body to give it a 10!! I don’t know who he is but he seems to be a model from this “Nick Burningham” site…
Sorry for the watermark letters.

What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “An extremely sexy face!!!!

  1. Kinda cute But not the cutest. boredom .to me anyway. He’s ok I guess… Sorry sorry but you did ask. He has the dimples thing going on for him and a cute smile! The main thing is if YOU like him that’s all that matters…I don’t like to be too negative or bash ANY boy..because to me even the most “average” or what some may consider” not very goodlooking” boys are still cute to me because : They are BOYS! That’s a BL thing I guess! Any boy is great! inlove

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