Jonah again! Finally!

I missed posting about my lovely Jonah, i decided to share some of his beautiful pics again. I hope you all enjoy seeing him again (:


“I am thirsty! Can you give me something to drink?”


I want to kiss his chubby baby cheeks


“For real? you don’t think i’m cute?”



“Come play with me please”


“Driving my way into your house ;) “



“Do iI want to get tickled? Let me think”


“I won the trophy for most hearts stolen”


“Bye guys, I can’t wait to see you again”

Hope you liked the post, I decided to make a really well elaborated one this time to make up for howl ong it took me to post Jonah and for how lame my psots have been these days. Next post will be about 2 handsome hot secret boys ;)


9 thoughts on “Jonah again! Finally!


    Thanks, Assy. I needed that!

    Watching his videos, I’m always amazed at how little-boyish his voice still sounds, even though he’s 13. It will be a shame when the big P starts to rob him of his sweet sound. (Older brother, Noah, has a cute lisp.)

    And as you can see from the photos above, Jonah sure knows how to play to the camera.

    • i know!! i just love how tiny and childish jonah is in all senses hug . Looks, attitive, activities, likings, voice…. he is simply still a 6 yo in mind! O
      MY!!! PLS SHUT UP! I hate to think that puverty will soon start striking on him ): I hope in a long time fron now, i don’t want him to grow up and loose his childish persoanilty cry Yeah, his big brother Noah is cute too after puverty, but have you seen him BEFORE he hit puverty? he was almost as adorable as Jonah. Damn teenage, please leave my baby Jonah alone sad
      O yes, Jonah loves cameras, and cameras love him too.

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