19 thoughts on “Just hot body 3

  1. Beautiful view from the rear.
    What the heck is #7 wearing or not wearing ? But, I’d like to join his tribe.
    Would like to see more of him….Jungle Boy

  2. #1- lovely beautiful hair, face and body and also lips. Too bad he is covering his boytitts
    #2- incredible sexy hair! delicious butt
    #3- sweet inocent face, yummy kissable lips, and even more kissable giant bums laugh he looks super hot with those small black shorts
    #4- hot skin color, and nice teasing tiny thong good he knows waht boys are ment to use as swimwear.
    #6- hhmmm, with those clothes, that pose and that face of pleasure, o boy! you are gonna cause me a really bad wet dream tonight, you nody guy.
    #9- curly hair really fits him well. He looks to be in a good age, and i love how sexy he looks with his tight boxers, cool color and makes his bubble butt look so big and round!
    thansk really much for this magnum opus of a post, they are all undescribable hot yummy beauties

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