More boys in briefs/speedos

In my last post i asked you guys what kind of undies you wanted me to post, and you nody BL fridends voted for breifs once again (I don’t blame you, tight tiny briefs are HOT! ) So here it is, yet another briefs post, hope you enjoy.


I see London, I see France, I see something i like hehe





I think he wants a hug


Nice pose and confidence



Bulgy, bulgy



Hope you liked. Which of the boys do you think looks the best in briefs? Let me know in the comments. Also, for my nexy post, would you like it to be about:
1) friendship between boys   2) Pretty faces   3)Boys with braces  or 4)model boys

24 thoughts on “More boys in briefs/speedos

  1. Boys in briefs and speedos RULE THE UNIVERSE! My favorite in this set is the first pic – he’s a great-looking boy and his bulge is mesmerizing.

    For the next set, I’d like friendship between boys. Thanks for these!

  2. Boxers, briefs, or speedos, I don’t really care what a boy is wearing as long as he is showing as much skin as possible otherwise. It’s all about the torso and sweet chest when it comes to boys, in my mind. All of these boys are tops in that regard.

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