Some very depressing news (R.I.P. Caleb)

Hello guys, this time i want to make a serious post. I want to ask you all to please take your time and read this thought.
Last night i read some news that made me think about life and love. So it turns out that this last Thursday, October 1st, a young Youtuber i kindda knew, Caleb Logan, passed away at the young age of 13. When I read what happened i thought it was a joke at first, but his parents confirmed it to be a sad truth. Now, I wasn’t a fan of his channel to be honest, but i knew who he was because he was a really close friend to Jonah, and for the few videos i saw of him i could tell he was a pure, funny, loving, inocent and very sweet boy, and always caring his lovely bug smile. I am not sharing this because we lost a celebrity, but because we have lost an amazing young human being, a son for some, a brother for Annie and Hayley, and a friend and role model for many more kids. Loosing a son or daughter must be the hardest thing a parent must face and shouldn’t be like that. How hard must it be to think “I am going to live longer than my child”. I wish more than anything in this world to be a father, and i can’t help imagining how even more hearthbreaking it would be if instead of Caleb, it were my yet-unexisting son who died. How unfair life is. 13 is a really young age for angels to go back to Heaven. He still had a whole life to live, so man wishes to fullfil, so many hopes and expectations to make true.
I don’t think the Bratayley will read this, and honestly there is a part of me that hopes they never do for obvious reasons, but I can’t begin to tell how bad i feel, and that i would love to be there with you all for anything you need to get over this tragedy as soon as possible. I have no doubt Caleb was an amazing son, brother and friend.
Handsome, funny, caregiving… he, withouth a doubt, won his ticket to heaven.










R.I.P. Caleb Logan
(July 13,2002-October 1-2015)
You will be missed.
If any of you has a son, a youngfriend, a nephew, a niece, a daughter, a grandchild, a sibling, a cousin… please, don’t wait any longer and let them know how much you love them. You never know when will they leave this harsh world, life forgives no age. Thanks for taking your time and letting me share my feelings with you.

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    • The family is being very secretive about his passing. Which leads me to wonder, was it suicide?, Was he one of many gay youths that have nowhere to turn and that was his way out. Or was the happy family shown in the videos all a facade? We will probably never know.

    • The family just said “natural causes.” There are also rumors going around that he got a heart attack in his sleep because he was anxious of a hurricane coming, but nothing is confirmed.

  1. I hadn’t come across him or heard of him. Very sad, tragic for those who loved him. But a very incomplete report. To ‘pass away’ at so young an age these days can mean one of a very few things: accident, murder, or suicide. Ill-health is of course possible, but far less likely these days than any of the other reasons. So unless there are compelling personal or other reasons for saying nothing – what did happen?

    • it is still unknown what the cause of death is, but the police did some investigation and there was no sign of murder, suicide or drugs used, and the family is being really quiet about it. I don’t think it is important to know the cause right now, we can only do but hope the best wished for his family.

  2. Very sad when anyone that young lose their life.

    On a little bit lighter note…

    “…so man wishes to fulfill, so many hopes and expectations to make true.”…Dr Freud will see you now.

  3. I’ve heard about this somewhere else yesterday and it made me really sad. I can’t imagine how his parents and little sisters must be feeling. I enjoyed watching him on Bratayley he was so cute and good spirited. cry

  4. Death is not the Extinguishing of the Light. It is the putting out of the Lamp, because the Dawn has Come.

    Peace, peace, He doth not Sleep, He hath awakened from the Dream of Life”

    Song by John Lennon: “Beautiful Boy” I hope you like it.

  5. Yes I heard this story. I actually shed quite a bit of tears as I followed his channel. I loved it. He was so cute. So sad. What I could read it said heart attack but at 13 that is rare. I feel bad . his family

  6. I am crying because children are for me all my brothers
    Then i love very children’s feet with all my soul and heart
    Caleb Logan I love you very, you are for me a little brother

  7. I think I kinda understand what his parents are feeling, my brother passed 3 years before my Dad, his health was starting to fail, and I think the tremendous amount of loss and grief he suffered, put him in his grave too! my brother was 47 when he died, but your child, is always your child, no matter how old they get! my Dad died at 80!

    R.I.P. sweet boy! hug cry

    • Not at all. He was straight by all means (*cof* saddly*cof*). There were several times were there were rumors of him having a girlfriend, and plus, his family is christian, I think it would have been a big hell for him if he ever came out as gay, so I really hope he never had any interest in boys.

  8. To find this post a whole year later still gives me chills. He still is remembered today, and every day since he was taken.
    There is no getting over a loss, you can only get through it.
    RIP Caleb sad

  9. I was saddened deeply by his passing, I was indeed a fan of the YouTube channel.

    My understanding is that he passed due to a genetic heart defect that the family did not know he had, his sisters are being / were being tested for the same genetic defect.

    I know his family was Xian etc, and there were rumours of a girlfriend, but Caleb set off my “gaydar” every time I saw him on a vlog, his manner of speech, his mannerisms, his gentle loving nature, everything about him set it off, and before it came out what caused his death, I too wondered if it was suicide because of fear of coming out to his hyper Xian family, to be honest, I think the speculation of such may be exactly why his family finally released the cause of death. Then again, we only have their word to.go by, but we are left to believe it without evidence of another cause

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