Athletic boys 1

First off: soccer boys are nice, but I do have another weakness for athletic boys. Great looking boys in nice outfits.

3386502_orig kopie

See the expression on their faces, trying their best.

DSC_1683 kopie

And some don’t win, but just seem happy and enjoy theirselves

DSC_2502 kopie

Enjoying the sights.

DSC_2564 kopie

DSC_2594 kopie

DSC_2904-2 kopie

And some really seem to give all they can, but look a little funny while trying.

DSC_3018 kopie

Yeah, he sure gives it all he has

DSC_3142 kopie

And those gorgeous boys stick out their tongue while focussing.

DSC_3149 kopie

But basically: they are just so gorgeous.

DSC_3216 kopie

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