The rest of the Damon series.

These are the rest of the ones I have of Damon.  Be sure to click on these and the last ones I posted. The enlarge to pretty much life size.


17 thoughts on “The rest of the Damon series.

  1. Wakamademus youre right. In my opininion when a boy looks kinda sad or is not laughing…..just by looking in his eyes-thats a downwer for me. It not all about sexy looking boybody’s, its about fun and willing to expose and fun!! A boy should BE a boy when photographed. Not a forced beatiful young spirit who is uncomfortert to bebe photographed in a way he actually dont want to.

  2. Dannylove: Sometime I see that sadness too. With Damon, it is a little different. In the first set of pictures Damon is having a real fun time and smiling. This second set, I think, were just not his best pictures and not chosen to be his best. If you have ever had family pictures taken you always have some rejects and just buy the good ones.
    Damon is a young boy and if the photo shoot was long, he may also just been tired.
    I think he is a lovely boy and not being forced to anything he doesn’t enjoy.

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