45 thoughts on “little water rat :)

      • The only one I know is “Wasserman” which translates “Water Goblin” which is an ogre. I guess as long as he doesn’t grow up to be that it’s ok.

      • Yes, a direct translation of wasserratte is “water rat”. But in American English, “water” when associated with rats conjures up the image of wharf rats (found near oceanfronts/docks/harbors) which are rather ferocious and carry disease (from experience). A “mouse” is a smaller, cuter rat and doesn’t bear the same connotation.

        Gerbils, hamsters. Cuter to be sure. As far as Aquarius (@Thomix): That just means “Water Bearer” and has nothing to do with youth. So nice try there =)

        “Ganymede” (a moon of Jupiter) was one of Jupiter’s water bearers whom the god loved so much he placed the youth in the heavens so he could see his lovely Ganymede forever.

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