17 thoughts on “Some Boys in Speedo

  1. Again a delight! Or should I say many delights? A beautiful selection which includes beautiful Baca heart , one of my favourite boys: I love everything about him! Others that stand out for me are 1,3 and 7 and the last boy, who looks gorgeous, I think. Many thanks again, Maxie. good drinks hug

  2. As always, I love speedo pictures. BUT….#5 is photoshopped. First. The picture was taken in a studio. Second. He is nude with a photoshop suit and legs.
    Who thinks I’m right ?

    • Brian you are right with No. 5, good hug 2 bloggers said me it´s a photoshopped picture, so I went out to the web, I found several pics, from the same boy, with the same Thong. Is is Google under -Boyskinz-

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