Who am I ?

Hi !Here a little game which puts come has the headright for an entertainment. You are not to oblige to take part in it.

The goal: It is very easy, here are a series of boys and you must find their first names!!
Yes I know there is that actors! I would put all the first names if nobody finds smile

Good luck laugh

Index: He made some scenes in the movie vampire dog.01aekbhk

Index: They are twin and their country of origin is in Europe.028709-png-c_640_360_x-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx

Index: Its family name has 3 letters.Bien essayer

I think that you know already it is which! His first two letters!Bkl4LABCAAAcbtj

Index: It made a role in the series Devious Maidserger

Index: Its first name starts with G.geb

Index: Canadian and his first name start with D. (very easy laugh )large

Index: Its first name contains 5 letters and today it is 22 years old. (yes this image is very hurdy-gurdy)tumblr_m06nge4DKY1qfiepvo1_500

18 thoughts on “Who am I ?

    • My god shock !! You do not have to even let the others reflect lol ! It remains that the 3 and the 5 hold of the indices,

      3: It has to play the part of young Ethan Sinclair in the series Devious Maids and its family name is Norris.
      5: its name is Kuc and it made scene in the TV series “ Game Shakers”

  1. What a perfect selection! Thanks and congratulations!

    Pics 5 and 6 are my favorites.

    7th pic is Dakota Goyo and the last I can’t remember but is from a movie I just saw this week: Mysterious skin.

    Ty Simpkins on the 4th pic.

  2. Dear Yann, the boys are super beautiful, but I am not a filmfan, and I have no idea who they are. I use to watch TV, and play often Poker on line. Anyway I am not telling you stop with that. Please, I enjoy with the comments from our bloggers, so keep Playing, and please do not be angry with me. Thanks for your post Yann. good hug

  3. 1: Collin MacKechnie
    2: Lukas Schwarz and Elias Schwarz
    3: Thomas Kuc
    4: Ty Simpkins
    5: Ryder Norris
    6: Gavin Caselagno
    7: Dakota Goyo
    8: Chase Ellison
    Thank you with those which they found drinks I have still full with other boys has to make you guess I hope that has was a pleasure for you laugh

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